Processo produtivo

Productive process
With a well structured and organized production line we have the perfect conditions to respond to the different requests of our clients.
Design & Development
In this department we think outside the box. We create and recreate our costumers’ wishes. We develop our creations inspired by market trends but also manufacturing different products. Each piece created is thought in detail: dimensions, composition, texture, colors, shape, weight – finding the balance to create a quality piece without forgetting style and Comfort.
Colmaco has a modern and sustainable weaving, with linear and center looms, with a high production capacity of quality jacquard fabrics.
Cutting, Confection and Packing 
In this stage of the production, our fabrics begin to gain its own shape and dimensions following predetermined requirements such as the size of the piece and the type of confection. All our fabrics are handled with care and attention so that it becomes a quality article with perfect finishes.
Quality Control
All our production follows strict quality parameters. The articles are all supervised, evaluating the weight, color, size, quality of finish and packaging, ensuring this way the quality of the final product.
Product storage
When we have our products properly packaged and labeled, they are transferred to our final warehouse where they are palletized and organized until their shipment.
Commercial department
We have a team of experienced commercials attentive to the needs of each particular customer. We try to provide quick answers and offer adequate solutions for each request, maintaining good communication and relationship of trust and respect with our customers.
Administrative department
The strategic and financial planning and management of our company goes through the administrative department, which maintains a close relationship with all our employees and clients.
We adopt measures that respect our planet and we use specialized processes and materials that are increasingly ecological.
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The excellence of Colmaco's products is achieved through certified processes and raw materials.
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