We try to reduce our ecological footprint on a daily basis. We adopt measures that respect our planet and we use specialized processes and materials that are increasingly ecological.

We intend to continue to grow and act consciously, adopting a set of sustainable practices not just during the product development process, but also in our work environment and the way we interact.
Solar Energy
Waste Reuse and Recycling
Natural Fibers: Linen, Hemp, Bamboo…
GOTS – Organic Cotton
Recycled Cotton
Polyester fiber from recycled plastic bottles through a traceable and sustainable process.
Sustainable dyeing that uses residues from the agro-food industry or plants and their non-edible parts, such as leaves and bark.
 Certified dyeing process that consumes 86% less water.
"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."
Robert Swan
The excellence of Colmaco's products is achieved through certified processes and raw materials.
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Productive process
We develop our creations inspired by market trends but also manufacturing different products.
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